A new chapter

Introducing IMPOSTORI, a restaurant from chef Andrey Durbach that celebrates the art of Italian food and wine from an outsider’s point of view, with a delicious measure of good humour and whimsy.

Is it an Italian restaurant then? Well, yes. Mostly with slight detours to France or Asia or BC…

Where is IMPOSTORI? In the heart of Vancouver’s west side, 3121 Granville Street at 15th. It used to be called Chow in the olden days. Sixty seats with another 16 on the patio, when it's patio season.

Have you got a bar? Why yes we do. Thank you for asking. We’ll serve Italian-inspired cocktails. A lot of Negronis, Spritz, birra alla spina and wine (of course).

Traditional or modern? Red and white checkered tablecloths and Chianti in wicker baskets? Nah, not our thing really. We’re imposters after all. So look for a more modern room, engaging but casual service, and a really nice wine glass.

What about the food? You will recognize what’s on your plate. Chef likes his Italian classics. So lots of those, occasionally influenced by his travels out of town. But don’t worry, there won’t be any peppermint or cranberries in the Osso Buco, although there might be an Asian-inspired seafood crudo on occasion.

Anything else for now? Yes. After a few very challenging years, for the world generally, and for the restaurant business in particular, we’re very excited to be emerging from "that which we will not speak of". Excited for our new venture together, looking forward to providing the joy and pure pleasure a new restaurant can bring to our community, and to serving the South Granville neighbourhood.